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As soon as the weather turns crisp and leaves start tumbling from tree branches to the ground, the pumpkin cravings begin. First of all, its health benefits are immense. And second, this glorious gourd grows extremely well in Pennsylvania. That makes PA number one in the country in terms of the number of pumpkin farms! In other categories, like yield, price and acreage, Pennsylvania ranks about fifth in the nation. Not bad, right? To celebrate this autumnal delight, we want to share with you some of our favorite fun facts and health info about pumpkins:.

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Dance and Team families will be receiving their own program specific email. There is no need to drop your class, you will not be Auto charged on March 25 for April’s tuition. To that end, Head Over Heels and Bodies In Motion has heightened its rigorous cleaning and sanitizing procedures facility-wide.

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This is a safe space. Each one of you is precious and valuable and loved. The date is October 31st, The location is Wittenberg, Germany, where a university professor named Martin Luther teaches moral theology. Martin Luther is about to do something that will cause reverberations around the world and an impact that will last for centuries. He thinks he is starting a lively academic discussion about a topic Luther finds troubling: the sale of indulgences.

Luther has written ninety-five theses, ninety-five propositions for debate. According to legend, he posts them publicly on the door of the university church. Of course, we all know this story of Martin Luther and the ninety-five theses.

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Many people say they’ll be back Friday to catch the bargains from stores that remained closed for Thanksgiving. Pumpkin Pie Is Likely Made From Squash: Report trips are typically more pricey than longer ones) as well as the return date. let some items tumble out onto the table, using an assortment of mini pumpkins.

Every fall it’s the same old story. In fact, it’s so divisive a topic that it really should be considered for political debate fodder. Still, for every Derek-minded individual and there are many who share his disdain , there seems to be a legion of PSL worshippers who can’t fathom a fall without near-daily pumpkin-esque fixes. But do they even know what they’re getting when they shimmy up to the counter to place that oh-so-beloved order?

Although pumpkin is a known nutritional superstar , these beverages are a far cry from farm-fresh goodness, pretty much totally lacking the fruit’s inherent benefits. In a semi-bubble-bursting infographic , PSLs are broken down to explain how those dastardly baristas work their magic. Not surprisingly, the base ingredients for most PSL recipes are espresso and milk, with a heaping splash of pumpkin-spice syrup thrown in for good measure.

The syrup is designed to mimic the taste of pumpkin pie, not to be confused with actual, honest-to-goodness pumpkin , with help from common pie spices like nutmeg, cloves, allspice, ginger and ground cinnamon. Sounds tasty and oh-so-natural, right? Well, although about 10 percent of the average syrup features natural spices, the rest of it is chock-full of synthetic chemicals, like sabinene to mimic nutmeg, all of which are designed to fool us into thinking we’re getting the real deal.

Lest you become too dejected, take heart in the fact that the Starbucks version does include a small amount of pumpkin puree Is the reality of PSL ingredients being not too pumpkin-y damning enough to bring this juggernaut house of cards tumbling down?

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Vintage die-cut Creepy Owl with Moon from Beistle. Books are arranged in alphabetical order by author’s last name and separated by letter, you can either scroll through the page or click the letter on the side-navigation to jump down to the section you want. Books written in other languages and those that also include cd’s are displays in boxes below the side-nav on the left column. Halloween Books For Kids!

Step 3: You’re ready to play bowling. Roll the tangerine pumpkin to see how many ghosts you can knock down. To make the game You can line them up like bowling pins or stack them up and watch them all tumble down! If you join, we’ll send you alerts about activity in the group to ensure that you stay up-to-date.

Fall is a beautiful time of year! The leaves have one last hurrah before tumbling to the ground in October and November. In this section you will find tips on taking better fall photographs, fun puzzles for kids, activities for young and old, a guide to fall colors, and an up-to-date leaf watch with periodic photos from the mountains of Western North Carolina and the Upstate of South Carolina.

Scroll down to see the reports. This is the final Fall Foliage Primer of the year. It looks like Knoxville, Greenville, and Hendersonville still have some locations of high color. There are still lots of activities to get out and enjoy, too. Check out what our reporters have to suggest as well bid you a fond farewell until next year.

We are reaching the peak! Some locations – like Valle Crucis and Boone – are just past peak, but still have pockets of incredible color, while other locations – like Greenville and Knoxville are just beginning to reach their highest color show. And there’s lots in between in Waynesville, Asheville, and Hendersonville. It’s our favorite time of year! Colder weather is on its way everywhere this week, so no matter where you’re visiting, be sure to bring a jacket, a fleece, and a raincoat.

The weather this time of year changes quickly.

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I t really was a dark and stormy night. On February 12, , Charles Schulz—who had single-handedly drawn some 18, Peanuts comic strips, who refused to use assistants to ink or letter his comics, who vowed that after he quit, no new Peanuts strips would be made—died, taking to the grave, it seemed, any further adventures of the gang. It had been going for five decades.

Pumpkin, you’re dating a tumbling, tumbling dickweed. Patrick, stop calling me pumpkin, okay? I have to go. Courtney? Hmm? Dinner. I can’t. I’m thinking Dorsia.

Oscar: Is this like a blooper reel? Andy: A blooper reel? What is this, ? I look like Bob Saget? Dwight: Fail! Jim: I deserved that. Andy: [Darryl runs in slow motion on video] Do do do do do do do. Darryl: That was a triple. Get out of the fail video! Darryl: My pleasure. I like to eat toilet paper.

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This three week camp will teach the basics of the game of basketball, teamwork, discipline, and ball handling. Participants will leave the camp with a better understanding of the game. Includes camp t-shirt. Join us for our tennis camp! The purpose of the camp is to provide a fun environment for students to learn basic skills of tennis and help improve skills fro experienced players.

You can vote for the best pumpkin or your favourite personality by To date, this event has raised $,! we have re-introduced 6 Silent Auction Items that will have bids ONLY at each Mall. Tumbling bowling pins.

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*The event has already taken place on this date: Sat, 12/30/ Classes will utilize the spring floor, trampoline, tumble trak, and other training tools to help.

It’s that weird weekend where you either think it’s the end of the summer or you adamantly do not believe that to be the case. Well, there’s a Thursday afternoon deal this week for people on both sides of the decidedly unimportant issue. On Thursday, August 29, Starbucks is hosting one of its most expansive Happy Hour promotions to date. So, whether you think it’s time for the pumpkin spice biz or you’re still slurping iced drinks, you can get in on it.

That’s right. Not espresso drinks or Frappuccinos, just get whatever the hell you want. You’re not limited to certain categories, which is why this Happy Hour deal is so special.

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