6 Dating Tips from Bartenders, Based on the Best and Worst Dates They’ve Witnessed

Being the lives of the party and the keepers of the alcohol make bartenders inherently appealing. But bartenders can also be a challenging group to date. From unsociable hours to jealousy issues, here are seven reasons you should never date a bartender. Unless you work a similar schedule, the bartender work schedule can be tough to accommodate. Their schedule often changes by week or season. And forget making weekend plans.

I’m a bartender who’s witnessed countless first dates — here are all the things you’re doing wrong

But for every great date, there are at least a handful of train wrecks. So who better to ask about the ingredients of a good date than the bartender himself? One of the biggest train wreck first dates I ever saw was a man in his late thirties and a girl in her early twenties.

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And whatever you do, don’t treat the date like an interview. Covering the happy-hour scene for The Seattle Times, nearly every week I see several first dates unfold — a lot of them awkward. It just sends a negative message. Enjoy your drinks with a little sensibility while allowing the booze … to take the edge off your anxiety or inhibition. Vermouth, Sherry, bubbles. Long drinks especially are a good choice: collins, fizzes, bucks, Amari and soda — anything with relatively low alcohol.

Four daiquiris in an hour, not so good. Some girls can hold their own, but most fail when they try to drink with bigger guys. My favorite was this guy asked for the bill and left before the girl got back from the bathroom. That made for an awkward glance between her and I. Whatever she thought of his tip I never knew.

The 9 Most Awkward Dates Bartenders Have Witnessed

Why are bartenders generally great people to date? Drunk people are usually more bearable by other people when they also have a few drinks on board. Here’s the 9 reasons why you should date a bartender! Working in a place where people go to get drunk, bartenders have seen it all.

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For bartenders, having a significant other in the drinks business has its perks. Your partner inherently understands the late nights, difficult customers and unique job stressors. But it also comes with its particular challenges, such as coordinating time off together and striking the right balance between letting off steam after a rough shift and letting work talk disrupt your downtime at home.

From creating shared rituals and planning regular dates to prioritizing self-care and establishing clear lines of communication, these are a few strategies that bartending couples have found help them more easily navigate their relationships. In addition to shared small daily rituals, Chu and Bermudez plan one day off together per week, during which time they avoid checking work-related emails, texts and phone calls.

Linda Nguyen of Good Times at Davey Wayne’s in Los Angeles recommends taking advantage of having the opposite schedule of the working world. Sarah Karl and her boyfriend, who both work at Ice Plant bar in St. Augustine, Florida, request the same days off so they can take their dogs to the beach or go to the farmers market and cook meals together. Nguyen and her boyfriend table serious work talk until the following morning, and Ian Lyke of Rusty’s Bar and Grill in Livermore, California, and his girlfriend, Desiree Villarreal, the bar lead at Bistro in Tracy, California, do the same.

Gumm spends his alone time surfing, reading or listening to podcasts during long walks. And whether the issue is challenging customers, unexpected schedule changes or being frank about your anxiety, Villarreal recommends keeping the lines of communication open with your partner. It truly helps having a partner who understands completely.

How to Hit On Your Bartender Without Seeming Too Thirsty

Being at your local bar may not be what you consider an ideal place to find love. But someone is there who knows a lot when it comes to dating — your bartender. It may be a good idea to get dating advice from the bartender. Yes, you may have been in the same bar with the bartender plenty of times. They are also there a lot longer and get the chance to see people flirting with and otherwise trying to pick up people all the time.

10 Dating Tips from a Former Bartender · #1) Don’t ask us to be your wingman. · #​2) Don’t ply your date with drinks. · #3) Avoid lulls in conversation.

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Laura hayes apr 25, however, so many other general dating one takes real joy. I was just a bartender dating site for an old soul like myself. Dating tips. Partying is it brings up people go on one.

First Online Dating Site Inspired By Bartenders In New York

But they say that bartenders are often ” players”. Because it is easier for them to get girls due to all the attention they get. Don’t know in how far this could be true.. Well if we always listened to things “they say,” we wouldn’t be going very far in life.

As bartenders have seen it all, they have the best advice as to how a proper date should go down. Here are their tips.

After watching countless dates unfold, bartenders are experts at reading body language — and what they know after just five minutes of watching a couple is astounding. Oh, what those eyes have seen. Photo: iStock Source:Whimn. I had only had one brief interaction with the barman in question and I was blindsided as to how he could have come to this insulting conclusion while shaking drinks several metres away but my date, himself a bartender, insisted this was a definite thing.

After years of watching dates unfold around them, bar workers have become experts in dating body language and can gauge not only how a date is going, but whether the couple will go the distance, within minutes. Tearing it up on Tinder.

Bartenders Tell Us The 8 Worst Dates They’ve Ever Witnessed

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Partying is in their blood.

CNN College students who find themselves out on a date gone wrong at bars in southeastern Florida may be able to turn to the bartender for help. Chat with us in Facebook Messenger. Find out what’s happening in the world as it unfolds. More Videos University students develop bar drink to promote safety. Marco and Laura approach Gulf Coast as western fires rage.

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Things You Should Know Before Dating A Bartender

One man, one woman or one man, one man; one woman, one woman; you get the point. A bar. What could possibly go wrong?

1. Get a new line. Is “Can I buy you a drink?” your de facto pickup line? · 2. Don’t be crude. · 3. Hit the ATM. · 4. Let the bartender do the work for you. · 5. Stop.

So you want to be a bartender? Yeah those spontaneous date ideas that you have, throw them away now. That last minute weekend break in Rome? Not going to happen. But think about it another way, flights are cheaper during the week winning! Your S. Following on from point number three, your partner is used to being in the spotlight. This will come in handy when introducing them to your friends and family, especially to your Great Aunt Mildrid who is just dying to get his opinion on her knitted cat jumpers….

No amount of aftershave, perfume or cologne will cover up the smell that they bring home with them after work. A unique mix of stale beer, spilt cocktails, and Jagermeister.

Dating Advice : Dating a Bartender